Ready for this 2021 harvest

After a long year of work and continuos commitment, during which we faced both some moments of unexpected cold and periods of drought, we are now facing this harvest with great enthusiasm.

During these last days our members have begun to bring some early varieties to the cellar and the grapes are definetily of good quality, even if not in large quantity. But we are still at an early stage and the sums will be drawn in a few weeks.

Thanks to the intervention of the winery management, assisted by the agronomic team, our members have been able to take care of the vineyard, as required by this 2021 in termes of time and means.

When we say that “unity is strength”, this moment is expressing exactly this way of saying. "Constructive confrontation and experience, in particular vintages like this one, make the difference and, above all, allow the winemakers and the winery to rise to the challenges," says Massimo Peruzzi, President of the Cooperative.

Probably this will be a longer harvest, during which the progression of the harvest and the decision of the areas from which to start will become strategic elements for achieving the total quality of the wines.

The technology used in the cellar (Ganimede method as first, together with temperature control and selection) can only help the production of great wines. “We have always aimed at harvesting beautiful and healthy grapes, which are the basis of all our products. We want to preserve the typicality, and guarantee, at the same time, wholesomeness and sustainability for every wine that leaves the cellar”, says the oenologist Gianni Iseppi.

The fact of being a well-established group, which has been working together for years and above all which is proudly committed to the management of the vineyards, in years with a few hitches, is immediately noticeable. We see it every day. We all love our work and we are convinced that the Arezzo area has great potential.

There are new generations who come in the group every year, alongside the old partners. When we see young, passionate faces at meetings, we understand that the work of past years can only be a springboard for the future.


We are looking to Far East, with our Tuscan style.

We are putting more and more our efforts to develop our presence in China and throughout the East as we are convinced that the strength of 400 vine growers from Arezzo with more then 800 hectares managed and cultivated with great accuracy are important values in this market. Thanks to an agreement through ICE / ITA, our winery has activated a presence in the Alibaba portal for potential foreign customers.

This operation is an agreement between the famous Chinese portal Alibaba.com and ICE / ITA or the Agency for the promotion abroad and the internationalization of Italian companies, aimed at helping companies in certain sectors to open up to new markets. The tender we participated in, gave the possibility to a limited number of companies to be selected to become part of the Alibaba portal, the famous Chinese shop window, where our winery is accredited as a supplier.

Through this portal we are able to get in touch with buyers from foreign countries (not only Chinese but from all over the world) who contact us through the platform to receive information or buy our wines.

Online portals have become a strategic sales tool and since tradition and innovation go hand in hand within our walls, we decided to open up to this new opportunity.

Another investment aimed at exporting the winery is linked to Wine to Asia China (https://www.vinitaly.com/it/eventi-internazionali/Wine-to-Asia-china/), confirmed in August where we will be present through one of our historical partners who has a branch in China, whic will present a customized product line of total production of the Cantina dei Vini Tipici Aretini and some of our best-selling wines.

Our winery is pushing a lot towards the East, where it has met the taste of the public and the global goal is in any case, to reach foreign markets as much as possible using both classic (fair) and more innovative (online) promotional means.


Our organic wines, pleasentness, versatility and respect for the environment.

In addition to the millenary enological tradition of our region, to which we have always been inspired in the production of our wines, there are now two organic wines; the result of the grapes of our members who have decided to convert and certify as organic their vineyards

The main grape variety of the two new references is Sangiovese that in Chianti Bio (75%) releases notes of violet and small red fruits, both to the nose and in the mouth, while in the IGT Toscana Terrae Toscanae (60%) gets warmer, with notes of red fruit well balanced by minerality and persistent flavor. Two styles, two equally interesting interpretations, one more traditional, the other more modern.

These are two wines ideal for those who do not give up a good glass of wine but want to buy products that put the respect for the environment as a first value. These are two red wines with great versatility and freshness, extremely pleasant also served a little fresh (12-14 C), especially in summer. Many of our customers, who do not drink white wines, have discovered in our two organic wines, the right choice for the hottest days of this season.

All our producers, however, are very scrupulous in the practices they apply in the vinyards; they are all coordinated by an agronomist who, taking sustainability and precision agriculture into account, monitors all 800 hectares through some agrometeorological control units that indicate whether and when to intervene in the vineyard.

Although not all wines of the Cantina dei Vini Tipici Aretini are certified "Bio", they are the result of the work of winegrower members attentive to the territory that, thanks to an internal system of qualitative selection of grapes, are coordinated and focused only on quality.


Sustainability and respect for the territory: this is how we are Green.

The 800 hectares managed by the winegrowers, who are members of our winery, are an important asset both for the individual winemakers and for the territory of the Province of Arezzo.

Our winegrowers work with expertise and passion, as they are aimed to leave to future generations a healthy environment. The viticultural heritage must remain still capable of producing quality, while respecting the environment.

Thanks to the applied protocols by our winery in collaboration with our specialized in viticulture agronomist, for years, every intervention in the vineyard has been aimed at bringing to the harvest only perfect grapes, for the production of typical and sound wines.

Our cooperative embraces and applies the word sustainability with a 360-degree approach.

Ours is an environmentally sustainable winery and this is demonstrated by the following concrete facts:

Some of our winegrowers are 100% BIO certified and the trend towards conversion has been positive for some years;

Our agronomist, through some climatic monitoring techniques, with 14 agrometeorological stations in the area, coordinates the work in the vineyard of all our 400 winemakers with quality objectives in respect of the environment;

Since 2000, our waters have been purified by a biological plant , in order to eliminate the impact of our oenological processes, on the area's aquifers;

More than 70% of our electricity used by our winery is self-produced and comes from our photovoltaic system.

For us, social sustainability is also a commitment.

More than 500 families get their financial support, totally or in part, from the collaboration with our cooperative and many of our workers have been with us for a few decades.

Each choice made wants to create well-being, for the winegrowers, for the employees and for the company itself. Thanks to a careful and at the same time dynamic approach, our winery realizes the complete financial and economic sustainability of each of its projects.

We have always sought and applied solutions that are respectful of man, the vineyard, tradition and the market. We have been in the world of wine for more than 50 years, and we are committed to creating additional opportunities, looking positively at the future of our territory.


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