Ready for this 2021 harvest

After a long year of work and continuos commitment, during which we faced both some moments of unexpected cold and periods of drought, we are now facing this harvest with great enthusiasm.

During these last days our members have begun to bring some early varieties to the cellar and the grapes are definetily of good quality, even if not in large quantity. But we are still at an early stage and the sums will be drawn in a few weeks.

Thanks to the intervention of the winery management, assisted by the agronomic team, our members have been able to take care of the vineyard, as required by this 2021 in termes of time and means.

When we say that “unity is strength”, this moment is expressing exactly this way of saying. "Constructive confrontation and experience, in particular vintages like this one, make the difference and, above all, allow the winemakers and the winery to rise to the challenges," says Massimo Peruzzi, President of the Cooperative.

Probably this will be a longer harvest, during which the progression of the harvest and the decision of the areas from which to start will become strategic elements for achieving the total quality of the wines.

The technology used in the cellar (Ganimede method as first, together with temperature control and selection) can only help the production of great wines. “We have always aimed at harvesting beautiful and healthy grapes, which are the basis of all our products. We want to preserve the typicality, and guarantee, at the same time, wholesomeness and sustainability for every wine that leaves the cellar”, says the oenologist Gianni Iseppi.

The fact of being a well-established group, which has been working together for years and above all which is proudly committed to the management of the vineyards, in years with a few hitches, is immediately noticeable. We see it every day. We all love our work and we are convinced that the Arezzo area has great potential.

There are new generations who come in the group every year, alongside the old partners. When we see young, passionate faces at meetings, we understand that the work of past years can only be a springboard for the future.