At Cantina dei Vini Tipici dell'Aretino we also sale to public, both of bulk wine that is bottled.

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Kempinsky International Wine & Spirits Show

We thank all visitors and friends met at the "Kempinski International Wine & Spirits Show."

Once again we leave happy and positive event this proved good and surrounded by a wonderful turnout. The excellent quality of wines assisted by a competitive price has made it highly attractive collection, arousing much interest from all commercial figures in the industry.

Here are some photos ...


Prodexpo Moscow 2014

In Russia as well as the olympics winter there are also Olympics FOOD and BEVERAGE , in fact today February 14 concludes the XXI edition of the largest PRODEXPO event dedicated to FOOD and BEVERAGE of  Eastern Europe.
It takes place in Moscow at the " Fairgrounds Exhibition Center " is spread over an area of over 100,000 square meters (more than ten hectares ) in this edition
includes 2,300 participants from 63 countries .
The Wine Cellar Typical of ' Aretino has participated indirectly through its Distrubutor and Importers in Russia are more than ten, all supported by our experienced export manager for specialized markets east europe always present at the fair, we make an initial assessment of how successful these days.
All the wines were displayed and tasted by various insiders and potential customers, generating considerable interest and success , so much so that we were re-
current contracts with advance orders for immediate shipment , especially for Chianti and Chianti Riserva.
On a side note deserves the Supertoscana premiered on the Russian market , the quantities available for sale on the market have already been confirmed by individual importers .
A new large and well-established importer and distributor of wines on the Russian market has shown considerable interest in the "Chianti Cantina Tipica dell'Aretino" ,
negotiations are underway for the establishment of a major new contract to supply annual , which will shortly be presented at the Russian customs authorities for the consent to ' import .
With great satisfaction we heard the news that one of our most important importers , with whom we collaborate in 2010, according to recent statistics, it is found to be the third most Russian distributor of imported wines, our registered trademark " ARETINO Tipico" brand is one of the most interesting and high-performance with regard to wines imported from Italy.
This new Russian market , which began after several years of negotiations , the cellar of Ponte a Chiani in 2010 with 81,000 pieces, consolidated over time up to 700,000 units shipped in 2013 to 2014 in the final balance should be approached scope million bottles , all produced in the territory of Arezzo.
Very satisfaction expressed by the board and the director of the cooperative as you try to export along with our wine also our land and our food supply generating considerable interest in different parts of the world.
Concluding with our budgets we give an income and a secure future for our more than 400 growers who invest , preserve and enrich our everyday wine heritage in the province Arezzo with quality viticulture.

China, Is over the free ride?

The 2013 will be remembered like the middle year between the rampant China in the early 2000s and the reflective China ahead of us over the coming decades? Maybe is early to say it, but there is an important fact: the importation for the first time in thirteen years have stopped, rather have come back. If this thing doesn't worry for the volume, because the high loss is done in bulk wine (-30%), on the value otherwise some consideration should be made. The total have stopped the run at 1,6 thousand milion dollar, that is the 2% less in 2012. Th bulk wine do -25%, but we have a values really meager, while that which raises some concern is the bottle, practically nailed on the values of the past year: € 1.4 billion, up 0.5% poor.
This was the performance of a mature market such as the UK or Germany, we could even rejoice, as well as in the period of recession. But here we are talking about the market in which all (except for rare exceptions) look with hope, what we had become accustomed to double-digit increase.
On what might have happened we can make some assumptions . Surely it is time that a certain fatigue in the market had been recorded : still wine warehouses of importers, and we're not talking about some container . Importers and improvised failed. Then the austerity measures imposed by the new president , who is making a clean sweep of luxurious habits of the public administration , which is not really a detail if you count that between the army and officials we can put together a country in the country. It is no coincidence that the biggest blow to have taken the French, whose -10% on the invoiced knows of Waterloo in these parts. Other countries instead they're doing much better, some also grow well, such as Chile and Spain, which have in common the lowest price for category bottle. These days, a factor that helps a lot. For Italy , the export is double-sided : a stability in terms of volume is making good progress with the counterpart values (+15%) , with the average price above $ 4.50 per liter (+14 % ) . We remain fifth in the overall rankings , behind Spain and Chile , in a trio that moves in the range of $ 90 million in value.

But where the Chinese market is experiencing a new gold vein seems to be the sparkling wine. Of course, the values are still amateur market (less than U.S. $ 70 million), but still is a sector in which Italy is coming on well, thanks to the appeal of products such as Prosecco, which have to arrive breathless and mass so far. In the graph, the growth of the main supplying countries in value, with the sharp decline in France (-10% in 2013), and progression sprinter from Italy, which has doubled the supplies within 12 months ($ 14 million , 3.8 million liters).

[Source: elaborazioni Corriere Vinicolo su dati Dogane cinesi]

11th China (Beijing) International Wine Expo

The 11th China (Beijing) International Wine Expo is over and we are fully satisfied. We thank those who participated in allowing us to reach more than 900 visitors at the stand. The distribution of gadgets to support our high-quality products have made it very attractive the stand and visitors are been fully satisfied. A big thank you to the committee show that he worked to organize this event profitable. We want also thank the interpreters and the sales assistant who composed the staff of Cantina dei Vini Tipici dell'Aretino for the three days of the show and who, thanks to their help we were able to meet the various demands of the visitors. You can see the photos related to the fair ...


Hong Kong, Gateway to China

When you look at the wine market in Hong Kong are to consider two elements: the first concerns the growth forecasts for this special region of China, discussing an increase in volume sales of 11 % per years between now and 2017 ; the second relates that over 40 % of the wine in the input is re-exported to China and to the other special region of China in Macau. It goes without saying that Hong Kong (7 million) should be considered as one of the step required for people who want come in Far East. In this real port, strategic hub for international competitions where , in 2008 , through the abolition of duties on wine imports have almost tripled to more than a billion dollars in 2012, Italy is well-placed in the top ten supplying countries . It is certainly not in a position to undermine the leadership French (who has more than 50 % of the shares ), but navigating around the fifth position with a share of 3 per cent in value . And the trend is positive, according to Istat , Italy has exported wine in Hong Kong for three million liters in 2011 to 22.4 million euro (compared to 15.5 million in 2010). In 2012 , exports of Italy rose by touching the 3.3 million liters to 25.3 million euro . Finally, considering the period January- July 2013, came to Hong Kong 1.9 million liters , to EUR 14.6 million (+1 % on the same period 2012).
" Even though this is a relatively small market , its inhabitants are very well disposed towards the West and those Italian wines , in particular ," says Gianluca Mirante , Italian director of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council , Hong Kong has become one of the places at the auction of the most important in the world , surpassing progressively London and New York (note: sales of $ 37 million in 2012 )
Here the wine is considered an asset in which to invest . Suffice it to say that more and more often the case that the wealthy Chinese who win big batches of wine at auctions prefer to open the wine cellar in Hong Kong rather than bringing the product in China, where the duty on wine has not yet been cleared, despite the the free trade agreements signed with Beijing. "the 18% of the so-called fine wine from around the world is owned by collectors in Hong Kong (although only 20% is stored here , the rest is located in London and in Europe). Source: "Tre Bicchieri 1 - 7 Novembre 2013"