Tuskanone Rosso Toscana I.G.T. - I.G.P.

Tuscany: Hills and plateaus of Arezzo area
This is a wine made with the best grapes of our members. It is the result of a long-lasting historical viticulture, respectful of vinyards and its territory; we added an accurate vinification with partial ageing in noble wood barrels of our historic cellars.
Sangiovese 75% and other Tuscan grapes allowed by rules: Petit Verdot, Ancellotta, Cabernet, Merlot.
With careful selection of perfectly ripe grapes.
Soft pressing with rollers, maceration of the crushed grapes. Ganimede method with accurate control of temperature and oxygen dosage during the winemaking phase. 50% of the product, immediately after malolactic fermentation, is aged in noble wood barrels for at least one year. The other half aged on wine lees in steel tanks.
Alcool volume: 14,00
Sugar: Dry label 6/7 gr/lt - Demisec label 14/15 gr/lt.
Visual: Brilliant ruby red color tending to garnet in the ripening phase.
Smell: Vinous, with hints of vanilla and toasted bread accompanied by red berries, balsamic notes of wood and spices. It will improve its finesse with adequate bottle ageing.
Taste: Slightly tannic, sapid, well-structured, warm and vinous, elegant, its harmony is improved by ageing.
Tuscan dishes, typical appetizers, cold cuts and aged cheeses, first courses based on tomato sauces, meat, mushrooms and game. Stewed and roasted meats, excellent as an aperitif.
Recommended for tasting 20 - 22 C°

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