Anti-dumping investigation on European wines

As well known , on 6 September 2012, the European Union started the anti-dumping process regarding the import of photovoltaic panels from China. The reaction of the Republic of China was immediate, it has officially opened an anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigation towards the European wine, even if Beijing government has never wanted to connect this procedure with the story of taxes on photovoltaic panels.
Eight of the main associations of wine production (including Fedagri - Confcooperative ) with a unitary letter asked the Italian Government and the competent Ministers a greater commitment and a support to face legal fees in this case.
Bruxelles in confrontation between the EU Commission and the Delegation of the Chinese government in the last days closed the case against photovoltaic panels, finding a deal, which seems to have avoided the increase of custom duties.
It seems that this solution, at least for the moment, has not convinced the Chinese authorities to reconsider their position towards the European wine and therefore the dispute is still opened, that involves a very complex and expensive process from the economic point of view, which will be difficult to meet by the selected companies.
La Cantina dei Vini Tipici dell'Aretino got updated immediately regarding this issue, filling the two forms required to be registered in a sort of exporters list so that they can avoid this antidumping process.
If Chinese authorities chose our winery as a sample to be investigated on, to verify possible dumping action on European side, Beijing would acknowledge to our cooperative, regularly registered in the exporters list, the status of "cooperating", applying lower duties than those which would applied to other " uncooperative" companies.



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