Passionate winemakers since 1970

"Since 1970 we cultivate our vineyards with passion and professionalism, we produce typical wines of the Arezzo’s hills in Tuscany. We defend nature, preserve the landscape and we are committed to continue this tradition."

The Winery

"Our wines are made from careful fermentation of red and white grapes lovingly grown, they express the strength and warmth of the Italian sun and the freshness and the liveliness of the Tuscan territories."

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Our wines

The result of the work and passion

In each of our wines there is a story ,there is the sun of the Tuscan hills of Arezzo, our country and our people , the winemakers , the great protagonists of our winery.

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Our Territory

Arezzo , in the heart of Tuscany, boasts a millenial tradition in the culture of the grapevine cultivation , first Etruscans , and later Romans started the viticulture and the wine production . Their legacy has arrived to the present day. With our 400 associated and our daily dedication we are part of the wine tuscan tradition...

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Productive Techniques

Thanks to the experience and professionality of the enologist Gianni Iseppi, our winery is always in the forefront. We have moved from a traditional vinification method , to a more sustainable and voted to quality approach , by introducing the Ganimede vinification method combined with temperatures control....

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Ultimi Articoli

Gold medal Chianti docg Organic vintage 2020

Gold medal Chianti docg Riserva vintage 2016

Autumn 2021: satisfactions and awards for the wines of the Cantina   The year 2021 for our winery is characterised by a strong dynamic drive, a great desire to commit to the territory and a vintage to remember ,for quality for sure , by a great desire to commit to the territory, by a vintage to be remembered for its quality, certainly at the detriment of quantity, which was penalised by almost 50% due to some adverse weather events, and by some important awards received by our wines.

Harvest 2021, a vintage to be remembered for quality and sustainability We are at the last stages of provision of the grapes by the Associated Winegrowers to the Cantina dei Vini Tipico dell'Aretino and now we can draw up the first consideration about this 2021 harvest. The vinification operations began at the end of August with the harvest of early ripening white grapes such as Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco and Manzoni 6013 Cross; and later, about on 7/8th of September, followed the white Grechetto and Vermentino.

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