ProWine China (Shanghai) 2014

First appointment for Cantina dei Vini Tipici dell'Aretino to ProWine Shanghai.
A trade show in great demand in the international wine sector so that, last year, they refused our participation because all booths were already been awarded with two months in advance.
This year we have not wanted to miss the chance and since June 2014 the team "Asian" moved in to fix this fair that, according to all the export manager, has a catchment area very important in Shanghai and in the area of Zhejiang.

The premises have proved correct and we are very satisfied. We managed to gather contacts of buyers from Chinese cities and areas that without this fair we haven't been able to know. In addition, we found large influx of customers from Japan and South Korea.
We thank all those who have shown interest in our products leaving positive feedback directly or either by phone, in the days following the fair, to our Chinese Director Mr. Robert Deng.

All this as evidence that the image of our brand TERRA TOSCANA is, day by day, growing in importance.



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