Wine Soiree on the Bund Shanghai

Thanks to the great friendship with the president of the Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong Mr. Henry Ho, Cantina dei Vini Tipici dell'Aretino was invited as the only representative of Tuscany to exhibit (two Italians on 12 international exhibitors) our wines at the exclusive event that he organized at one of the most famous restaurants in Shanghai the "Sun Chateau Restaurant" located at the bund, in a breathtaking location.
The event was attended by prominent figures in the wine scene and not, coming from all over China.

The wines were very much appreciated by all present collecting various consents and feedback.

Moreover, the day before the event, is being called a wine challenge between the exhibiting companies. Each winery had to propose a wine (We have presented the Terra Toscana Chianti Riserva 2010) of his collection, which would be subject to trial by sommerlier and wine lovers of international level.

Currently we do not know the outcome of the challenge even though we know from the assistant of Mr. Henry Miss Apple Cheung that wine is loved and has enjoyed extraordinary success.



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