Harvest 2021, a vintage to be remembered for quality and sustainability

We are at the last stages of provision of the grapes by the Associated Winegrowers to the Cantina dei Vini Tipico dell'Aretino and now we can draw up the first consideration about this 2021 harvest.

The vinification operations began at the end of August with the harvest of early ripening white grapes such as Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco and Manzoni 6013 Cross; and later, about on 7/8th of September, followed the white Grechetto and Vermentino.

On September 13th, we started with early ripening red grapes such as Merlot, followed by Ancellotta. From the 20th, we continued with Sangiovese, Petit Verdot, as well as the last Trebbiano (white grape). Between the end of September and the beginning of October, we will complete the harvest, with the last batches of Cabernet.

The total quantity produced is just over half compared to a full normal vintage, this is due to the spring frosts (even 10 degrees below zero - 7/8 April 2021) followed by the summer drought that hit our territories. We will totally vinify, for 2021, about just under 4,000 tons of grapes, with an average BABO sugar content value of more than 20.

The quality of the grapes is very good, with peaks of real excellence.

At the time of delivery all the product was immediately checked with the modern Foss Wine Scan Flex equipment, which measures: acid and gray rot, state of integrity and fermentation of the grapes, among other parameters, as well as possible fermentation anomalies. Currently over a thousand checks have been carried out on all incoming trolleys, with extremely satisfactory results. This confirms the excellent work done in the vineyard by our Agronomist Consultant in harmony with our expert vine growers.

The vinification operations are proceeding regularly, to the great satisfaction of our expert winemakers who work under the watchful and capable eye of our oenologists.

Both fermentations are proceeding at their best: the virgin fermentations for the whites and the maceration in the reds. The first rackings offer us extremely interesting wines, with adequate aromas and rich sets of anthocyanins and polyphenols and with a high extraction content. Naturally developed alcohol is well above 13 degrees.

All fermentation processes have evolved on a regular way, thanks to the health of the grapes, as well as the Ganimede winemaking method combined with temperature control (that we have adopting for over twenty years); all this for both conventional and organic production which represents about 20% of total production.

It is interesting to note that over 70% of the energy entirely used during the year by our cooperative is self-produced with a photovoltaic system, located above the roofs of the structure.

The maceration and vinification operations will continue for about ten days, but in our opinion the quality of the 2021 harvest will be very good, with several peaks of true excellence, a vintage to be remembered.



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