Gateway to China

When you look at the wine market in Hong Kong are to consider two elements: the first concerns the growth forecasts for this special region of China, discussing an increase in volume sales of 11 % per years between now and 2017 ; the second relates that over 40 % of the wine in the input is re-exported to China and to the other special region of China in Macau. It goes without saying that Hong Kong (7 million) should be considered as one of the step required for people who want come in Far East. In this real port, strategic hub for international competitions where , in 2008 , through the abolition of duties on wine imports have almost tripled to more than a billion dollars in 2012, Italy is well-placed in the top ten supplying countries . It is certainly not in a position to undermine the leadership French (who has more than 50 % of the shares ), but navigating around the fifth position with a share of 3 per cent in value . And the trend is positive, according to Istat , Italy has exported wine in Hong Kong for three million liters in 2011 to 22.4 million euro (compared to 15.5 million in 2010). In 2012 , exports of Italy rose by touching the 3.3 million liters to 25.3 million euro . Finally, considering the period January- July 2013, came to Hong Kong 1.9 million liters , to EUR 14.6 million (+1 % on the same period 2012).
" Even though this is a relatively small market , its inhabitants are very well disposed towards the West and those Italian wines , in particular ," says Gianluca Mirante , Italian director of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council , Hong Kong has become one of the places at the auction of the most important in the world , surpassing progressively London and New York (note: sales of $ 37 million in 2012 )
Here the wine is considered an asset in which to invest . Suffice it to say that more and more often the case that the wealthy Chinese who win big batches of wine at auctions prefer to open the wine cellar in Hong Kong rather than bringing the product in China, where the duty on wine has not yet been cleared, despite the the free trade agreements signed with Beijing. "the 18% of the so-called fine wine from around the world is owned by collectors in Hong Kong (although only 20% is stored here , the rest is located in London and in Europe).

Source: "Tre Bicchieri 1 - 7 Novembre 2013"



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