Autumn 2021: satisfactions and awards for the wines of the Cantina


The year 2021 for our winery is characterised by a strong dynamic drive, a great desire to commit to the territory and a vintage to remember ,for quality for sure , by a great desire to commit to the territory, by a vintage to be remembered for its quality, certainly at the detriment of quantity, which was penalised by almost 50% due to some adverse weather events, and by some important awards received by our wines.


The new born Vermentino Terrae Toscanae 2020 won a gold medal at the international competition Gilbert Gaillard. Gilbert & Gaillard publishes the Wine Guide in 9 languages and a magazine dedicated to wine in France and in more than 22 Countries around the world. Nowadays it constitutes an editorial group entirely dedicated to wine, present in all media, from paper to the web, and this award is certainly very important for our cooperative.

Luca Maroni , in his 2022 yearbook, last August awarded some very respectable scores to the wines presented, as shown below:

94 to Chianti Biologico de’ Vasari 2020

93 to Chianti de’ Vasari 2020

95 to Chianti Riserva de’ Vasari 2016

93 to Terrae Toscanae Rosato  di Toscana 2020

96 to Terrae Toscanae  Sangiovese Igt 2020

90 to Terrae Toscanae Vermentino 2020

“As a social cooperative, our winery only produces wine from its own grapes.Producing quality is one of our main aims since it is not simple and every harvest is different . Since we have been following all our members in the vineyard, the results are visible,' says Gianni Iseppi ,  Vini Tipici dell’Aretino ‘s  long-standing winemaker.

The wines  presented for tasting both at  Gilbert Gaillard and at Luca Maroni are all new vintages, currently available for sale.



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